Our Story

Being Vietnamese people, we take pride in our culture, cuisine, and identity. Our coffee has affirmed a reputation in the global market; our brewing methods result in a uniquely fragrant and strong coffee flavour. Grabbing a cup of coffee at the street vendor is a daily routine for many Vietnamese people, and a significant part of our identity.

We observed the difficulty for the Vietnamese community in Calgary to enjoy authentic Vietnamese coffee, and embraced a vision to launch the first Vietnamese coffee shop in Calgary. Instead of solely offering unique coffee, we hope to also bring our cultural beauty; the interior is carefully designed to blend western modern architecture with Vietnamese architecture, and we pour our heart and soul into each drink. We look forward to meeting you!

- Xin Chao Staff

Why "Xin Chao"?

Since Xin Chao is the first shop that serves a traditional, unique Vietnamese coffee taste in Calgary, we looked for a Vietnamese word that conveys our enthusiasm over this exciting new opening. "Xin chào" means "hello" in English, and is convenient for non-Vietnamese people to pronuounce. So "Xin Chao Coffee" is our way of saying "Hello!" to our new, current, and future customers 😊

For up to date hours, please search our Google hours, or call the store.

Business Hours